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I am an avid-reader. Always has a book with me everywhere I go.

I am a music lover. I listen to anything 70s/80s/90s. With the likes of Simply Red, Bad Company, Michael Jackson, and many more.


Under the Never Sky - Veronica Rossi This story follows 2 characters in their respective POV’s. Aria is a Dweller and she wears a eyepiece that allows her to escape to the Realms (like a virtual world in a game) through this device while being trapped in her Pod (a city protected with walls) from the Outsiders – that’s Perry (“Peregrine”), brother of a Blood Lord of the Tides (a Village). Perry is a Scire – allows him to sense other people’s tempers but not his own or family’s (moods) – and a Seer (clear night vision). They help each other when Aria’s mother goes missing in Bliss (another Pod) and Perry’s nephew, Talon, is abducted. This was my first Dystopian novel I had read and I absolutely loved it. Fans of The Hunger Games, Games of Thrones and a virtual game like Motherlode and World of Warcraft will enjoy this (not too sure about these games though I’ve never played them but upon researching this, this is what came up). I must warn you though, at first, this story is quite confusing because the author doesn’t define what Pods, Realms and Aether Storms (Like Aura’s in Antarctica but like a typical cloud/storm in the sky). Rossi didn’t explain these very well, which I should have knocked a star off for. But I found if you read this book with an open mind, you will extremely enjoy it and the way it ends is so sweet! So that’s why I didn’t.I am eagerly waiting for the sequel, Through The Never Sky, which releases on 8th January 2013!