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I am an avid-reader. Always has a book with me everywhere I go.

I am a music lover. I listen to anything 70s/80s/90s. With the likes of Simply Red, Bad Company, Michael Jackson, and many more.


Incarnate - Jodi Meadows This is more like 3.5/4 stars.For starters, I was really disappointed with this book. Meadow's writing throughout this book was flair and easy. A lot like Stephanie Meyer's. The storyline itself was good - how souls got reincarnated every time they die - but Meadows added more twists to it like Dragons and Sylph, and honestly I started yawning about one quarter in.Ana - a nosoul/newsoul (people kept changing their minds about this) on her 18th birthday, leaves her home in Range (frankly, the worst name for a town) and Li - her evil mum (and not kidding, she was EVIL!) to reach the town's city - Heart (Another bad name for a place. Just saying). Along the journey she meets Sam ("Dossam" - clever, but honestly Meadows, be more creative next time - I figured it out as soon as they started talking about his music).The more I write about this book, I'm tempted to bring this down to 2 stars. But honestly, I felt like I had to drag myself through this book.If you're looking for a good read, this is NOT the book. But if you're a 13 year old and like the whole girl-meets-boy, girl-and-boy-flirt-until-an-event-happens-and-they-kiss, this is your type of book.Would I read Asunder? Maybe. We'll see. But only if it comes under $5. Not paying any more than that.