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I am an avid-reader. Always has a book with me everywhere I go.

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Jessica Rules the Dark Side  - Beth Fantaskey I enjoyed Jessica's Guide to Dating On The Dark Side very much, and when I found out there was going to be a sequel, I was ecstatic. I was keen to find out the new paved life between Jessica Packwood (becoming Anastasia Dragmoir) and Lucius Vladescu after the chapters on the author's website detailing the wedding.While the vampire craze is slowly dying down thanks to the final installment of Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Saga coming to the movies soon, Jessica Rules the Dark Side did not disappoint me, or make me "sick" of the vampire fandom and I constantly found myself picking up the book whenever I could.The book starts right after the honeymoon is over, and as the two happily married vampires are focused on impressing the Elders - a highly regarded council of Dragmoir's and Vladescu's - for the vote of confidence to become King and Queen of vampires in Russia. We see Jessica having a hard time transitioning herself from a fresh out of high school to a vampire princess in a matter of small time throughout the book. It's not until Lucius becomes accused of destroying his relative, Claudiu Vladescu that we see Jessica becoming more and more like royalty as she tries to save Lucius. What I liked about this book is that Beth Fantaskey doesn't solely focus the entire book on the murder, trial and Jessica's struggle. We also get to have a glimpse in the life of an outsider but a familiar one, Jessica's best friend from high school Mindy and (if you have read the wedding chapters) Raniero. Although, I'm particularly not a big fan of books fanning out with multiple perspectives, the writer had nicely done this and for that, I would give her 6/5 stars if I could. Lastly, I am hoping this is not the last we see of Lucius, Jessica, Mindy and Raniero.