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I am an avid-reader. Always has a book with me everywhere I go.

I am a music lover. I listen to anything 70s/80s/90s. With the likes of Simply Red, Bad Company, Michael Jackson, and many more.


Take Me There - Susane Colasanti This is more like 4.5 stars. The only reason why i put it down .5 of a star is the detailing of the story, which wasn't too bad. Just could have been better in the first 50 pages or so.It takes turns in 3 different perspective - Rihannon's, Nicoles and James' - three close best friends. Or so i'd like to think. Moresover, it was sort of a typical love story to me and i knew in those 50 pages right away what would happen at the end.During the middle you sort of sense that Rihannon was a bit over the top with her breakup with Steve, I could relate to it but Colasanti went too far with the whole aspect of it. Which i can understand as girls mostly look to hope than reality.Nicole was somewhat a headache to me, one chapter she would be really fine, but the next she goes ballestic. Seriously. I think I should just leave it to that.James was a real challenge for me, as i sensed he had more feelings for Rihannon then normal. But when Colasanti writes about his life at home.... lets just say you'll be saying "What?" a lot.Overall, its not too bad, to be honest. But Colasanti, I'm looking forward to your next book.