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I am an avid-reader. Always has a book with me everywhere I go.

I am a music lover. I listen to anything 70s/80s/90s. With the likes of Simply Red, Bad Company, Michael Jackson, and many more.


Sisters Red - Jackson Pearce As i feel books have to make me feel i have a strong bond with the author. Jackson Pearce failed to do this for me. Although the re-telling of Disney films are becomming more and more popular today, unlike the others, Sisters Red didn't satisfy me or my blood.It wasn't the plot, more like the three way partnership (Rosie-Scarlett-Silas) and whats more annoying? Silas happens to love both girls. Litrally. Even if he does get with Rosie towards the end. He still confesses he loved-love still. Whatever. To Scarlett. But doesnt tell Rosie. I think the main problem with this book was there wasn't a lot of action when it came to the writing technique. Yes, It was a chick-lit book to soften those who may just have broken up with their ex. But definitely not the "usual type" of book people have said it to be.I knew right through the whole book that Silas was somewhat part of the whole wolf thing dramatically. Finding out he IS the Potential, kinda ironic dont you think? When three hunters suddenly become two because of what they were fighting for? The Potential was RIGHT there and I had a gut feeling throughout the entire book. Needless to say, When Scarlett visted Pa Reyolds I knew exactly what he was talking about probably the same amount of time to figure it out like Scarlett.... but it wasnt so OHMYGOSH thing to me. You know what i mean?SO....I actually give this book 3.5 stars but I'm going to read the sequal unexcitedly about when its coming out. I dont really give a crap if Jackson Pearce makes it a god-damn-long series. Just the plot has to be BETTER. (and if you didnt get what i was meaning earlier, MORE DRAMACTIC please).Chrissy